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Chickamauga Dumpsters

Are you looking to hire a professional waste disposal company for trash collection, disposal, transfer and recycling services in Chickamauga?

Have you recently moved to your new home in Chickamauga and want to hire a waste disposal company?

Alpha Custom Services is a full service waste disposal company, providing the highest quality of waste removal, transportation, disposal and recycling services. Households and businesses in Tennessee and Georgia rely on Alpha Custom Service to manage their waste on a daily basis because the company is both efficient and very environmentally responsible.

Alpha Custom Services offers a variety of services to cater to the waste removal needs of residential, commercial and industrial clients in Chickamauga. Its services are reliable, cost effective and professional, having no additional charge. The canisters are always clean and provides households an easy way to dispose of their trash.

Chickamauga is a small, beautiful city located in Walker County, Georgia and has a population of over 2,500 people. The city is relatively clean and run by an efficient local government. It offers a very relaxed and peaceful environment to the locals and serves as a famous retreat for many tourists.

If you are running your own business or factory in Chickamauga, Alpha Custom Services offers you a full range of waste management service options and technologically advanced equipment designed to efficiently and economically meet all your waste management needs. Garbage collectors and waste services professionals are well trained system and always available for emergency delivery and pick up.

Alpha Custom Services has designed its services that are specifically tailored to meet the needs of its customers in Chickamauga. As compared to other waste disposal companies in Chickamauga, Alpha Custom Services has proved itself to be the most reliable, cost effective and professional company that takes environment seriously and takes all the necessary measures to keep the environment of Chickamauga clean, safe and healthy for its residents.

The workforce of Alpha Custom Services is experienced and comprises of highly- trained drivers and professional support staff that provides efficient, safe operation and timely service to its customers. Waste service experts at the company help customers choose the right container and services they need. They advise customers on understanding environmental as well as workplace regulations that may affect their particular waste collection needs.

What makes Alpha Custom Services different from its competitors in Chickamauga is that it is customer focused. It works towards building and maintaining good customer relationships. It is committed to provide the best in class customer service to the people Georgia and Tennessee. It is well equipped with the most technologically advanced equipment for waste collection, transfer and disposal as well as recycling.


Alpha Custom Services believes in giving back to the community and regularly supports organizations that help people who are less fortunate and in need. The company is committed to providing outstanding service to the